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Living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Narah is available for family friendly performances and private lessons.

In May of 1993, Narah saw a group of Belly Dancers perform at a May Day festival. As soon as she saw them, she knew she had to belly dance. Shortly after, she began lessons with Amie Lamborn and has been dancing ever since. With the encouragement of her teachers, her first performance was with the Jewels of the Desert (a troupe formed by her teacher and several other dancers in the area) a few months after her first lesson. Coming from a cheerleading background, performing was not new and her love of this dance kept her practicing constantly and diligently. A few years later, another local teacher sent her out on "Belly Grams" and introduced her to restaurant gigs.

In addition to dance classes as a small child and cheerleading and gymnastics training as a teenager, Narah has studied various styles of Belly Dance- folkloric, Turkish, Egyptian Cabaret, American Cabaret, American Tribal Style and various forms of the broad category of Tribal Fusion. She also took African (Ghana) dance classes and was a member of the Folk Dance club in college.

Her performance venues have ranged from weddings, restaurant performances, engagement parties, birthday parties, baptismal celebrations, coming of age parties, college diversity festivals, poetry slams, bridal showers, various family gatherings, Belly Dance festivals and workshops and more.

She began teaching regular belly dance classes in 1997 as the only belly dancer in town, and has since taught at festivals in Pennsylvania and Mississippi. Narah's belly dance style is a unique expression of her cumulative training and personal vision. The term most often used to describe her style is Tribal Fusion- a blending of several belly dance forms. She uses the term "Tribal Fusion" because she uses movements, frame work, music and costuming elements of American Tribal Style as well as blending in her favorite Oriental style movements. Narah has learned from, among others, the following well established professional belly dancers.

As an Occupational Therapist, Narah has been thoroughly trained in and is able to apply the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, neurology, exercise physiology, proper body mechanics, task analysis, sensory integration and it's implications, adapting a motor learning program to individual needs, assessing proper posture and alignment, and considering a person's whole lifestyle when making recommendations. Her students appreciate her precise break down of the movements and her ability to present several methods of learning. She has been studying yoga since 1996 and has discovered new principles about the body, mind and spirit in that time. She was certified in Yoga for the Special Child (TM) in 2004 and deepened her knowledge and understanding of yoga and its healing properties. Her training as an Occupational Therapist, a Reiki III Healer and study of yoga compliment her Dance and her abilities as a belly dance teacher.

From Narah: "Through belly dance, I reach my highest level. It is extremely spiritually, emotionally, and physically healing for me, and is my passion. I am fascinated by the history, costuming, culture, and music surrounding the dance." These interests and her study of them gives depth to her teaching and dance styles.

Narah and her students at the time - the Tribe of Fire- completed the Fire of the Soul tour. This imaginative tour traveled throughout the North East US inviting local guests to perform. A video of selected performances of Narah throughout the tour is available! Be sure to check out the Market Place so you can see the sample clip and get a copy yourself.

Okhtee, a performance video by Narah and her sister Jala is now available! See the Market Place to order and for a sneak peak of the video!

Narah is also a mixed media artist! You can see her work on her Face Book Album (http://www.facebook.com/album.php?fbid=408554808893&id=546553893&aid=205096) and on her Blog (http://www.bellyartsmama.blogspot.com). Contact her (http://www.tribalbellydance.net/contact.htm)about teaching workshops to Unleash Your Inner Artist!

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